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World mag features several BNA moms

June 11, 2010

Thanks to Cody Holt and World Mag for this piece which looks at five moms who resisted termination after prenatal diagnosis. This choice is growing more and more common as parents find support (such as perinatal hospice), and as medical progress continues to improve outcomes. But apart from all those considerations, many parents continue their pregnancies simply because they believe it is the right thing to do.

Life over death

Abortion | Five women give birth despite U.S. medical pressure to abort | Cody Holt

Kim Illion says it took her four months to grasp that Cole, her unborn son, had been diagnosed with hydrocephalus—water on the brain—at 20 weeks. “I cried every single day,” said the mother from Iselin, N.J. “I didn’t want to have a baby shower. I didn’t want to decorate the room, because I thought that I was bringing home a baby—if I was even bringing home a baby—who was going to die.”

Every day, parents like Illions and her husband hear dire news couched in clinical terms like “incompatible with life,” “no quality of life,” and “termination of pregnancy.” Many mothers abort but some don’t, not knowing whether their children will lead fairly normal lives, live with serious illnesses, or die soon after birth. Despite the uncertainty and fear, these mothers often have no regrets that they chose life for their children, no matter how brief. Here are the stories of five who continued their pregnancies despite medical advice to the contrary. continue at World Mag

See also: Washington Times: Choosing Not to Abort Babies with Disabilities

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