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Still amazing

April 22, 2010

When Sandi contacted BNA several years ago, the story she told was truly remarkable. Her 5th child, Grace, had been prenatally diagnosed with skeletal  “anomalies”. Over and over, ultrasound after ultrasound, the doctors prepared Sandi and her husband for the inevitability of  delivering a baby who would not live for more than a few hours. Even at 35 weeks, the specialists insisted that Grace would be born with thanatophoric skeletal dysplasia – and there would be nothing they could do to help her.

Sandi recalls, “We provided a birth plan, which stated that there would be no ventilation. Our birth plan stated that the baby was to be wrapped in a blanket and given to my husband and me after birth so that we could spend time with her – her predicted life span “4 to 6 hours”. The hospital agreed to let our 4 other children come to see their sibling on her birth day. We talked to our priest who agreed to come to the hospital to baptize the baby when she was born. The only other arrangements we had made were with the cemetery.”

But nothing went as planned . . . or expected. Sandi went into labor a few weeks early, her husband experienced a miraculous intervention that allowed him to be at Grace’s birth when he was supposed to be out of town for business, and from there began something truly incredible, something miraculous, something truly amazing.  No, no, no. I don’t believe in spoilers. You’ll have to see for yourself!

There is a lovely local news update on Sandi’s new blog too: There Can Be Miracles (I’m leaving off half the title so I don’t spoil the surprise!)

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