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With a little help, “the least of these” can move mountains

February 16, 2010

This is an incredibly beautiful story, where faith, outreach, and companionship intersect – where the rubber meets the road. A woman devoted to helping women find a better alternative to abortion meets another young woman who had every reason to abort,  “a hard case”. The baby in this story was not able to survive – her lungs and kidneys could not sustain her – and yet the desire to allow her to live out her natural life, however brief, was rewarded ten-fold. This is also a story of betrayal. The institutions that should have been most capable of recognizing the dignity of a tiny baby, even with fatal birth defects, failed miserably. And . . .  it is a story still unfolding. Here you can find the first two installments, and links to the rest of the series.

The Baby Gianna Story (Part I) and The Baby Gianna Story (Part II)

See also our BNA stories of moms facing various fatal  prenatal diagnoses. And, mentioned in the story is St. Gianna’s intercession for a pregnancy that had lost amniotic fluid, putting the baby in peril. See here many other accounts of Catholic saints who have come to the aid of babies and children.

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