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Healing after a prenatal diagnosis

January 25, 2010

In our last post we shared the story of a father reflecting back on the decision his wife made (and which he supported) to terminate their baby after she was diagnosed with Down syndrome. We want desperately to impact the number of those choosing to abort for Down syndrome (stats show between 83% to 91% will abort) as well as other prenatally diagnosed conditions. But the odds are that  many of the parents who visit here and the home site, will go on to abort, despite our best efforts. These parents then become part of a unique community – they don’t quite fit with the traditional perinatal bereavement moms, as much as many would like to make them seem welcome. Nor do they fit with the larger community of post-abortive mothers who terminate because of reasons other than a prenatal diagnosis.

There is a place for these parents who, after having terminated after a prenatal diagnosis begin to experience the sense that termination not only did not help their situation, but in fact catapaulted them into a destructive cycle. That place is Lumina. Theresa Bonopartis, who founded Lumina, has been working with post-abortive moms for nearly 15 yrs and has a special program for prenatal diagnosis parents. She understands that these parents are dealing with a unique set of issues because the very people they would turn to expecting help for their baby are often the ones who push for termination in the first place.                                                          


 If you are a parent in need of healing because of a termination after a prenatal diagnosis, please consider contacting Lumina today. These articles may resonate with your experience, too: Healing After an Adverse Prenatal Diagnosis, and A Different Kind of Crisis Pregnancy.

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