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When a diagnosis . . . isn’t

December 2, 2009

This is an incredible story – incredible in that some people will refuse to believe it. Amniocentesis delivers accurate results most of  the time – but what about when it doesn’t? HT to ThereseAnn at LWT13 for finding this story.

Meet the miracle baby

Little Georgia Slaymaker’s survival has doctors baffled and her parents convinced of miracles. Sarah Bieske reports

SAM Mullan has every reason to believe miracles really do happen.

She smiles adoringly at her very own little miracle, Georgia Grace, who’s all big eyes and dribbly smiles as she lays back on a cushion, kicking her legs in excitement at their Highton home.

The gorgeous four-month-old is the baby girl Sam and husband Rob Slaymaker were told wouldn’t survive.

After being informed their unborn baby suffered from a rare but deadly genetic disorder 22 weeks into the pregnancy, doctors advised the couple to terminate.

But the idea of ending their baby’s life was something neither Sam nor Rob would consider. Sam wanted a higher being to decide her baby’s fate. And, call it mother’s instinct or sheer, raw hope, it was because of that decision that she’s smiling at little Georgia today.

“Everyone was telling us, ‘Don’t do this to yourselves, it might be easier to grieve now than grieve full-term,’ ” Sam says.

“But I was 22 weeks pregnant, I had felt her move and we had already named her. So I decided to keep going. I said to Rob that I would grieve as much at 22 weeks as I would at 40.”

Initially thrilled at the prospect of giving four-year-old daughter Abbey a sister, Sam’s pregnancy joy was crushed in one single phone call. continue

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