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Sarah Palin to talk about life with Trig – 20/20 tonight

November 20, 2009

This will be an interesting program for our readers. I’m a fan of Sarah Palin, but even if you are not, I hope you will watch. I think we will get a lot of candor, and ultimately – a lot of inspiration.  Little Trig has been in the spotlight since his birth. It was a point of scandal during the 2008 campaign that so many political bloggers had negative reactions to Sarah Palin’s choice to give birth to baby Trig, instead of aborting him –  there were some surprisingly touching reactions, too. Many moms were galvanized – the very public birth of this baby re-energized pro-life advocacy among parents raising children with Down syndrome in an era when 9 out of 10 babies diagnosed are aborted.

 With the release of Going Rogue, Sarah Palin has begun a high-profile tour, appearing on Oprah and this evening, on 20/20. Tonight’s show will highlight baby Trig. Let’s hope that any parents who are considering terminaton after a diagnosis of Down syndrome – or anything else, for that matter – will be able to watch tonight’s program and arrive at the conclusion that though Sarah is a remarkable woman, any mother – even in different circumstances and different political leanings –  can make a choice for life.

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