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Be Not Afraid ministry featured in Charlotte paper

November 14, 2009

Thanks to the Charlotte Catholic Herald for running this story about the work of our Tracy Winsor helping moms who recieve the difficult news . . . on the journey and beyond.

Be Not Afraid

A network of support for poor prenatal diagnoses

Jean Wren

Special  to the Catholic News & Herald

constance“Your baby’s condition is incompatible with life . . . you have three weeks to terminate.”

The words were unexpected and horrifying. Sean and Lisa Karleski of Mooresville had anticipated

An afternoon of shopping in Charlotte after a routine level II ultrasound. At 17 weeks gestation,

They were to find out if their baby was boy or a girl and celebrate with purchases of blue or pink.

“We were past twelve weeksand everything had been fine. Then suddenly the ultrasound tech is

saying that she  needs to go and get the doctor because she’s seeing some things she doesn’t like,”

remembers Lisa. “Incompatible with life’ is the most horrible phrase I’ve ever heard . . . I left in tears.”

This is increasingly the experience of parents who are told that their unborn baby has a medical

problem or disability. Advances in prenatal screening technologies have allowed for the earlier

detection of numerous fetal defects. Conditions that would not have been discovered until birth a

generation ago are now detected prenatally. Sadly, this earlier diagnosis does not necessarily offer parents the hope of  treatment. continue


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