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Every life has a purpose

September 30, 2009

Note: We have Isaiah’s Promise linked at the side, for those in the D.C. area who need that one on one support that only moms who have “btdt” can give. 

Mother of Twins Lives Out Her Belief in Everyone’s God-given Dignity

trish and cubby

SILVER SPRING, Md. – Trish Stone is a firm believer in the sanctity of life. Although she comes by this naturally because of her Catholic upbringing, her belief also has been tested.

During a routine sonogram last year when Ms Stone was expecting twins, she received “a look” from her doctor that something wasn’t “quite right”.

And after a whirlwind of tests that day, one of the twins was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, a condition that causes increased fluid pressure in the brain and swelling of the child’s head that hinders normal neurological development.

Within the first hour of learning this news, Ms Stone was advised to consider “selective reduction” – aborting the unhealthy twin to focus on the healthy one.

She was told that if the unhealthy twin survived, he would not have any “quality of life”.

“Is this something you are prepared for?” she remembers doctors asking.

Ms Stone and her husband, Rich, parents of a girl then a year old, had not been prepared for such a diagnosis. But there was no question that they would carry both babies to term despite fears of unknown future challenges.

“Thank God I grew up in a family with a strong faith,” Ms Stone said. “I knew in my heart that every life has a purpose,” she added, saying that growing up with a sister with disabilities made this understanding all the more real. continue

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