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Third time’s a charm(er): Mom with Turner syndrome has baby

September 24, 2009

Winona Jones Youman, a beautiful young woman with Turner syndrome, has defied the odds and done something really incredible. She had a baby. Yes, yes, I know – every baby is a miracle. But this situation is different. You see, women who have Turner syndrome are generally thought to be unable to conceive a baby without assisted reproduction. Not only did Winona conceive without reproductive assistance, she was as surprised as anyone after her pregnancy test revealed a positive. winona

When I posted this story on our BNA message board, one mom, Louise, pointed out that there are really two “miracles” here, not just one. She noted that the fact that Winona had survived to birth, herself, was something in the order of extra-special.  About 98% of babies with Turner syndrome, sadly, are miscarried or stillborn. But then I realized there is yet another “miracle” to this story – they come in three’s, don’t they?  First,  Winona survived to birth. Second, Winona conceived a baby naturally. And finally, the third “miracle” . . . her baby, Victor, was born completely healthy. The article explains that among the rare instances when a woman with Turner syndrome is able to conceive, the odds of her baby surviving – let alone being born healthy – are not favorable.  If his already incredibly history tells us anything about baby Victor, he is going to be a charmer, indeed.

Woman defies odds with healthy baby boy

Doctors say having a child was nearly impossible for Turner syndrome patient Winona Jones Youmans.

By Harriet Daniels
Staff writer

Defying her doctors is commonplace for Winona Jones Youmans, especially when it comes to what she can and can’t do.

The 23-year-old Ocala woman, who has Turner syndrome, was never expected to become a mother naturally. And she had accepted that.

But not only did she conceive without the aid of doctors, Youmans had a normal pregnancy and recently delivered a healthy boy.

Victor Youmans III was born on July 30 at Shands at the University of Florida by Caesarean section without any complications. At birth he weighed 5 pounds, 4 ounces. Now a month old, the newborn weighs 7 pounds, 14 ounces.

“He’s greedy, and always wants to eat,” Youmans said, laughing. “He’s doing really good.”

Turner syndrome is a disorder caused by a partially or completely missing X chromosome. It is a condition that affects only females. Most women with TS are infertile. While the option of assisted reproduction is available to some women with TS, a healthy pregnancy is rare.

Mom, like son, is doing good, too, in spite of the odds stacked against her. The pregnancy was considered high-risk because of her condition coupled with congenital heart disease, which is common among Turner patients. She was on a strict diet and was not able to work for most of the pregnancy. continue

Also, see more great photos here.

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