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“Mini” mum’s miracle

August 30, 2009

Mini mum’s miracle baby: 3ft 9in woman defied doctors who said giving birth would kill her


By Laura Topham

Karina White is often stopped by strangers as she pushes her daughter’s pram through the streets near her home.

Given that she can barely peer over the top, passers-by are usually concerned that a baby has been left in the care of a young child.

It’s only on closer inspection that they realise Karina is actually a mature woman. She just happens never to have grown taller than an average six-year-old.

Karina is 3ft 9in and one of the smallest women in Britain ever to have given birth.

More than that, the 33-year-old risked her life to become a mother, having defied doctors who warned her pregnancy could kill her.

They simply did not believe there was enough space within her tiny body to carry a baby virtually to term.

But she was determined to become the first woman with her condition to successfully give birth. continue

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