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Marie Claire’s faux pas

August 28, 2009

We shared the Marie Claire article below featuring two moms; one who carried her baby to term, and another who aborted. It was, I thought, done well enough. But it turns out Holly,holly the mom who carried baby Aubrielle, wasn’t aware that her story would be juxtaposed with a mom who terminated as a larger abortion debate piece.  It also turns out that much of it was derived from a previous story the Orange County Register ran almost one year ago. Holly wanted her daughter’s story to be highlighted as one of a family who chose perinatal hospice and found peace in the experience. The OC Register has reported Holly’s misgivings about the Marie Claire magazine treatment of her story.

It’s Holly’s story, so she is entitled to feel upset. On the other hand, I don’t think her story came across in any way that could be construed as judgmental of the other mother and her choice, if that is her worry. Perhaps it’s just the “ugliness” of having Aubrielle dragged into the abortion debate – the explicitness of the Marie Claire treatment, maybe, left a bad taste in her mouth. That is understandable. Aubrielle’s life transcends all that and really, that should be respected. So, let’s go back in time and focus on Aubrielle, the baby princess who, says Holly, “gave us a grander view of life and the world.” Indeed.

HT to ThereseAnn of LWT13.

They don’t regret a single second

The Orange County Register

LAGUNA HILLS – There were pink cupcakes with shimmery sprinkles, a pink balloon that said “Happy Birthday Princess” and cuddly pink and white blankets.

Flowers filled the hospital room and early morning sunlight filtered through the picture window onto the bed.

Holly Rossiter lay there clutching her just minutes-old daughter to her chest.

Aubrielle Faith Rossiter had the tiniest cry.

She was dressed in a white cotton dress made by her grandmother. She wore a white bow with a pink flower and rhinestone around her tiny brunette head. On her slender arm she had a bracelet made from clear Swarovski crystals and pearls with a rattle on the end that said “love.”

Holly reached for one of her hands. Aubrielle latched on. continue

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