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Abortion only “expediting the inevitable” said doctors, but baby boy is alive and thriving

August 2, 2009

JordonThe diagnosis in this case is so rare – it’s unlikely any of us will ever find another story like it. Imagine how scary that alone must have been for Mom, Kimberly Robinson, after she was told her unborn baby boy had an epignathus teratoma growing inside his cheek. Doctors warned her the baby would not survive birth, or long after, and in any event, if he did, he would surely be mentally disabled. Kimberly didn’t think she could handle any of these things, but she knew for sure she could not abort baby Jordan Jamal. And imagine that, as soon as abortion was out of the question, plans were made, specialists jumped in to begin treating baby Jordan like a real patient . . . 

Read the whole story here. And here is a video featuring an interview with Kimberly and the MD’s who helped baby Jamal.

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  1. August 3, 2009 3:54 pm

    AMAZING! I’m so glad you share these wonderful stories. Who knows how many more we’d have without the option of abortion?

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