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Healthcare for Gunner (and all our kids)

July 21, 2009

Quality healthcare is one of the topics that so many parents worry about after a diagnosis. Babies with birth defects need specialist consults, surgeries, sometimes therapies, and certainly ongoing access to good medical care in order to overcome or live with their defects and differences. Children with genetic syndromes can be medically fragile and sometimes require a range of therapies – and when they have access to these services, they can really thrive.

Many of us in the U.S. have serious concerns about the healthcare reform that has been proposed. Yes, even those of us with very good private health insurance will be affected by the healthcare overhaul. Why do we have these concerns? Where to begin . . . it’s important not to overwhelm parents with negativity – they need hope. But reality is reality – and when we can actually do something  – when we can make our voice heard, it’s important to share information for that reason – even when it’s not exactly “happy” news.  As a result, we won’t  launch into a litany of complaints about socialized medicine (for the sake of hope), but we do hope you will take some time to read the information that has been compiled at Healthcare for Gunner. Gunner is a beautiful baby boy born with cystic fibrosis. As it stands, in the U.S. he has every opportunity to thrive – he has access to the best there is.  But his parents worry (and so do we) if all the proactive care they have put into keeping him healthy will be undercut in the near future by the healthcare overhaul . . .

If you have similar concerns about your child’s future in light of the proposed healthcare reform, after reading the blog information, and viewing the video interview with Gunner’s mom Kristan,  please consider signing on to a letter to be given to the healthcare bill committee . . . and act quickly, please!

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