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Respite care for Army families

July 9, 2009

Add this item on to an on-going conversation (of sorts) about help for families. A program for military families to provide respite care – because, as stated in the article, just as parenting a typical child is a full-time job, so too is caring for a child with disabilities. HT to Chelsea

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (Army News Service, July 8, 2009) — For Army families who are responsible for regular care of persons with disabilities, the Exceptional Family Member Program Respite Care Program provides a temporary rest period for caregivers.

The EFMP puts respite care in place when needed for eligible families of active Army and active Army National Guard and Army Reserve Soldiers.

Sharon Fields, a program manager for FMWRC Respite Care Services, said the Army hopes to inform families worldwide about respite care opportunities.

“Our primary goal is to ensure consistency and continuity of our respite care program, regardless of where our Soldiers and families are located,” Fields said. “Special needs care is around the clock. When a family has a special needs child or adult, respite care provides a break for the primary caregiver.”

Families can apply for the Respite Care Program at the nearest Army Community Service EFMP office. Eligibility for the program is based on EFMP enrollment and the medical or educational condition of the family member requiring care.

Qualifying families are eligible to receive up to 40 hours of funded EFMP respite care monthly for each certified family member and can receive up to $45 per hour for care. continue

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