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Get Religion gets it right

June 7, 2009

It’s been very difficult the past week reading so many news articles about the “services” of Dr. George Tiller. The major papers are largely sympathetic with the need for abortionists who will perform the late-term procedures. None have even entertained the premise that perhaps abortion is not actually “necessary” in the vast majority of cases. None have distinguished between the legal and morally acceptable cases of inducing a pregnancy early because the life of the mother is in imminent danger vs inducing early, having a D&E, or even the repulsive paritial-birth abortion of an infant because of a fetal anomaly or genentic syndrome.  It’s bad reporting, frankly.

Then comes Get Religion’s analysis of the topic of late-term abortions. Mollie asks the question that the big paper reporters keep evading: How is it legal to abort an unborn child post-viability in Kansas on account of fetal abnormality or genetic defect? Read on at Get Religion.

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