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Little girl with big syndrome (skeletal dysplasia) defies doctors predictions

June 3, 2009

trinityTrinity was not expected to survive birth, but her parents wanted to give her every chance. Though she has special challenges, Trinity is doing well and her parents are grateful to haver her in their lives. This story was posted on our BNA message board last year, and I thought it a good one to share here, as well.


Young girl overcomes rare syndrome

Reporter: Maureen McFadden

Most of us have days where things are not going quite right and we might feel sorry for ourselves.

I recently met a little girl who could feel sorry for herself, but doesn’t.

Trinity Teeters is the only female in the world with a rare syndrome and can dance circles around most of us.

Trinity is like most other seven-year-old girls. She loves her baby sister Elliana, loves coloring and reading, but Trinity is not like any other little girl in this world.

In fact she’s the only female in the world with one of the longest-named syndromes in the world: Tibial aplasia, lower extremity mirror image polydactyly, brachyphalangy, craniofacial dysmorphism and genital hypoplasia: further delineation and mutational analysis. continue


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  1. JaYo permalink
    December 29, 2009 3:09 am

    Thanks for this useful post. Here is some additional information about the “genetics” of this condition that was written by our Genetic Counselor and other genetic professionals: Thanks, AccessDNA

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