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A rare moment on CNN: Anderson Cooper interviews mom who chose not to abort

June 3, 2009

Interview: ‘Why I chose not to have a late-term abortion’diane cnn


Anderson Cooper: Diane Elder chose not to have an abortion even though she had every right to. She joins us now. Diane, thanks for being with us. You actually sent me an e-mail earlier today because of an interview you read that we had on last night. We had a woman on who, in the 20th or 21st week chose to have a late-term abortion because her baby had a severe genetic defect. You had a similar situation, you made a different choice. Why?

Diane Elder: I wanted my baby to have a natural death. I did not want my child to die at my hand.

Anderson Cooper: What did your baby have?

Diane Elder: My baby had a syndrome called Trisomy 18 which is a very severe chromosomal abnormality that is incompatible with life. That’s the phrase doctors used. continue

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