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Paying for the care of children with complex medical needs

June 2, 2009

When medical insurance won’t cover the majority of expenses involved in caring for a baby with special medical needs, there is simply not one cut and dry answer. Many families will piece together sources of funding from resources offered within their state or dedicated to their child’s particular defect/syndrome. We do have a list of material and financial resources on, obviously all of these won’t work for each family.

If you are afraid you will not be able to pay for your child’s medical care, please ask around. Ask social workers, and orgs in your area such as Easter Seals, Early Intervention, even diagnosis specific orgs that are different from your child’s, such as local Down syndrome or Spina bifida advocacy agents.

In many states there is a special waiver to help cover the cost of special medical needs. This waiver is not income dependent, so don’t be put off thinking you may not qualify. Here is a story of a family faced with termination of their baby or a medically complex future. They chose life for their son. Pulling together the pieces (financially, and otherwise) has not been easy, but they found help . . . and the chances are good you will too.

Read about Tommy here and be sure to watch the three accompanying videos.


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