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A doctor who could not leave his work at the office saves the day

May 12, 2009

Baby Millie, born with gastroschisis, needed dialysis treatment in order to live. Problem was, the available machines were simply too big for her – and it was likely she would die. Her pediatrician couldn’t stand by and just watch. Read what he did next here:

D.I.Y. dialysis machine built in doctor’s garage gives miracle Millie a shot at life

By Paul Sims
Last updated at 12:12 AM on 12th May 2009

MillieThere was little hope that Millie Kelly would live beyond a few weeks.

Life-saving surgery on her tiny body had caused her kidneys to fail and she was too small for the hospital’s dialysis equipment.

But Millie was not fighting her battle to stay alive alone. Her hospital consultant, touched by her plight, went home to his garage and built a miniature dialysis machine from scratch.

After a fortnight attached to the DIY machine Millie started to show signs of improvement and is now, two years later, a fit and healthy toddler.

Her consultant, paediatrician Malcolm Coulthard, is hoping a refined version of the machine he cobbled together in his garage will soon be introduced across the NHS to help other children in Millie’s predicament. continue

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