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A doll named Sophie

May 11, 2009

Fascinating story about a little girl who is a rare survivor of  terrible set of heart defects, daily fights for normalcy because of a compromised immune system due to DiGeorge sydnrome. Sophie is rare in another respect – how many little girls have a famous doll made in their likeness? Marie Osmond learned of little Sophie and backed a  “Sophie” doll created by the girl’s mom and aunt to help raise funds for Children’s Miracle Network. Read on:

sophie riley pictureMedical MiracleSophie Collier is one of only four U.S. children to survive a risky heart surgery. At 4 years old, she inspires all who meet herby Sherri Coner

Sophie Collier giggles as she darts around the coffee table to give her mom a hug. When she smiles, her nose wrinkles.

A moment later, she is busy changing her baby doll’s dress. Soon after that, she decides to change her own clothes – from the pink sweat suit to the pink ballerina dress.

“My favorite color is pink,” Sophie says with a grin. “And Bryson’s favorite color is blue.”

Sophie is 4 years old. She weighs nearly 20 pounds. And she is only a few inches taller than Bryson, her 16-month-old brother.

Other than her size, Sophie looks and acts like a healthy little girl, the middle child and only daughter of Brian and Katie Collier of Westfield.

But looks can be deceiving.

Sophie weighed in at just four pounds when she was born Dec. 22, 2000. But her birth weight was not the crucial issue. Within hours of her arrival, she was diagnosed with truncal arterisus, a congenital heart defect that threatens her life every day. Born with only one artery leaving the heart, Sophie is one of only four children in the United States to undergo a dangerous heart valve replacement procedure involving insertion of an artery from a calf.

“You just skate through, in shock,” Katie Collier says of the realization that her child was born with such a severe heart condition. The Colliers learned quickly that Sophie’s arrival would be nothing like the birth of their first son, Drew. Sophie’s life was not promised. She was on a ventilator. They could not cuddle and comfort her. continue

See the “Sophie Brynn” doll here.

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